Bravo Company BCM GunFighter Vertical Foregrip Picatinny MOD 3

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The BCM GunFighter Vertical Foregrip was developed to be the most rigid, light-weight, and cost effective system available for Vertical Pistol Grips and Hand Stop type accessories. Utilizing a patent pending Picatinny Rail anchor system that not only secures to the mounting surface, but spreads the energy and force throughout the accessory; The BCM direct mount interface system reduces shift and flex that are common on other mounting systems.

    • Low-profile length for increased mobility and decreased “snag” factor.
    • The forward angle increases the rigidity of the forearm, while providing a more natural wrist angle.
    • Can be mounted in reverse angle to increase control when grabbing handguard and grip.
    • Flat sides with aggressive texture give better yaw control to the shooter during firing and non-firing manipulations.
    • Anchor and bolt system offers a simple robust design, while maintaining a lightweight 1.9 ounces.
    • Made in the USA, manufactured from high quality, impact resistant polymers.